NYCB's Megan Fairchild Talks Sugarplum Fairy

December 11, 2015

mania is in full swing right now, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This year, some of our favorite ballerinas are getting much-deserved coverage leading up to their performances (obviously because of their talent, but also thanks to ballet’s crazy-fast increase in pop culture visibility this year). Case in point: Megan Fairchild, a principal with New York City Ballet, spoke with People Magazine about what the iconic role of Sugarplum means to her.

Fairchild living her Sugarplum dreams. (Photo by Paul Kolnik)

Fairchild, who starred as Ivy Smith (aka “Miss Turnstiles”) in On the Town on Broadway this past year, looks so at home on stage. But when asked about her first time ever performing the role, she told People, “I wanted to walk off the stage…I felt very vulnerable and I had no faith in myself. We got through it, but it wasn’t a perfect show and I cried afterwards. There were a lot of growing pains.” We all know this feeling, but Fairchild assures us that things get better with time, practice and experience.

Fairchild with Joaquin De Luz as her trusty cavalier. (Photo by Paul Kolnik)

The rest of the interview offers some wonderful insight into this timeless role. Click here to read on!

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