Watch These Houston Ballet Men Absolutely Slay "La Bayadère" Choreo on Pointe

June 22, 2017

A lot of ballet men play around a little in pointe shoes—to get a feel for what their partners are experiencing, or just because they’re curious.

But Houston Ballet’s Hayden Stark, Derek Dunn, and Daniel Durrett aren’t playing.


Houston Ballet just finished a run of La Bayadère, which is renowned for its beautiful corps of Shades women. Stark, Dunn, and Durrett decided to tackle the ballet’s infamously difficult Shades variations, in pointe shoes and tutus (and, in Dunn’s case, an adorable little man bun).

These variations are killer for even the most experienced ballerinas, but the trio proved to be up to the challenge:

Why are we particularly obsessed with this vid? Because these men are completely serious, completely in earnest, about doing justice to this iconic choreography. They’re not just impressive technically; they’re also impressive artistically.

Hey, Hayden, Derek, and Daniel: Can we make a guest appearance with The Trocks happen? Pretty please?