"Mia Michaels Live" Can Make Mia Your Mentor

May 24, 2017

There’s a reason Mia Michaels’ nickname is “Mama Mia.” The legendary choreographer invests deeply in her dancers, whether they’re competitors on “So You Think You Can Dance,” members of the Radio City Rockettes, or part of her own elite assistant squad. And now, Michaels is launching a project that aims to give more dancers access to her gifts as a teacher and mentor.

“Mia Michaels Live,”
which officially kicks off June 1st, is a monthly subscription program that features a bevy of benefits, including online master classes, audition notices, Michaels’ top music picks (which, as we Mia fans know, are ALWAYS on point), and “Artist of the Month” challenges. Membership is tiered, but the higher-end packages also include mentoring sessions with the Mama herself, and individual mentoring sessions are available for purchase, too.

The 2013 Mia cover—still one of our all-time favorites.

Real talk: The program isn’t cheap. Membership deals begin at $79 a month. But Michaels is offering 15 percent off for early birds who register between now and the June 1st launch date. Find out more about the program, and the promotion, at miamichaelslive.com.