Miami City Ballet School's New Choreographic Intensive

December 13, 2016

We all know there are a million and one ways to spend your summer intensive. But the programs we think about are invariably focused on technique and less so on the creative process. What if there was something that combined both?

Miami City Ballet School (Photo by Pavel Antonov)

Enter Miami City Ballet School’s new Choreographic Intensive. The two-week program allows dancers ages 14–18 to work with new and emerging choreographers. Dancers will have daily pointe and technique classes with MCB faculty, and then work with young choreographers to create something new.

Though the choreographers haven’t been announced yet, this sounds like an awesome opportunity for dancers to build connections and broaden their awareness of the dance world without sacrificing rigorous technical training. And (bonus!), if you’re between 14–18 years old, you can even attend MCB’s regular summer intensive in addition to the Choreographic Intensive. Now that sounds like a well-rounded summer.

For more info, click here.

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