Michaela DePrince Started a Vlog and We're So Here For It

October 27, 2017

It’s no secret that we’ve been fan-girling over Michaela DePrince since her First Position days (she was our September 2015 cover girl, after all!). Now a soloist with the Dutch National Ballet, DePrince has blossomed into an amazing dancer, a bona-fide style icon, and, now, a vlogger.

DePrince has always been an insanely inspirational figure, and her vlogs truly showcase this. She tackles lots of topics other dancers might shy away from, including her long, emotionally taxing recovery process from a season-ending tendon injury, to her PTSD. It’s beyond refreshing to see a ballet idol sharing so much of herself with her fans, and we have no doubt that lots of younger dancers will benefit from hearing DePrince’s empowering advice. Catch one of our favorite episodes below (an amazing travel diary from her trip to Paris, complete with some jaw-dropping ensembles), and head over to DePrince’s channel for more.