Missy Elliott's "I'm Better" Video Is Perfection on Multiple Levels

January 29, 2017

Thank both the music and the dance gods for Missy Elliott. Not only is she an employer of the best dancers around (and a pretty great dancer herself), she’s also a full-on dance cheerleader. Missy never fails to highlight the superhuman bodies making magic around her as she makes her own crazy magic center stage. And in the video for her new single “I’m Better,” that magic is POWERFUL.

Choreographed by Sean Bankhead with lots of input from Missy, the vid features dancers doing—well, what are they not doing? They’re wearing light-up welding masks, hanging from silks, bouncing off yoga balls, flipping around underwater in a giant pool. Apparently the extravagant production took a month of intense rehearsals to put together, because Missy doesn’t do anything halfway.

Amazing as the finished product is, though, what we love most about all this is that Missy took the time to do a promo clip for the video featuring Bankhead and all of her dancers. She makes a point of calling them out by name (we see you, Comfort!)—because she’s a class act who understands that they’re hardworking, talented artists who deserve recognition. 🙌

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