Did You See You Know Who on TV Last Night?

May 10, 2015

I’m going to take a wild guess that CBS News’ “60 Minutes” isn’t on your must-watch Sunday night TV lineup. While the investigative show highlights current events, politics and sports, there’s not a whole lot of dance coverage. Unless, of course, She’s involved. And you know who She is. Everyone—from Cookie Monster to Time Magazine to President Barack Obamaknows who She is.

Obviously, She is American Ballet Theatre soloist Misty Copeland (duh). And “60 Minutes” did a pretty darn great job with her profile for national TV. The 13-minute segment featured tons of classic Misty footage, interviews and photos (including a quick shout-out to Dance Spirit‘s sister publication Pointe!). Plus there was even a tiny peek at ABT’s new version of The Sleeping Beauty—and a glimpse of Copeland’s U.S. debut as Odette in The Washington Ballet’s Swan Lake this past April.

Watch the segment below—and definitely don’t leave out the “60 Minutes Overtime” clip underneath.

Dying to see Misty Copeland in person? ABT’s NYC season begins this week! Visit abt.org for more info and tickets.