Let Misty Copeland Teach You How to Do the Perfect Ballet Bun

December 12, 2016

Are you super-duper tired of beauty publications telling you how to make “beautiful ballet buns” that are not even remotely close to what an actual ballet dancer would do to her hair? Yup. Us too.

So we’re grateful to you, Self magazine, for asking a real ballerina to break down the ballet bun. And not just any ballerina—THE ballerina, Misty Copeland.

True, the little video Copeland made for Self doesn’t include tips that’ll be revolutionary for those of us familiar with the basic bun-for-dance concept. But she does give some handy advice about where to place your bun so that it enhances the lines of your head and neck. And she can also whip out a picture-perfect bun in less than a minute, which, snaps!Want more bun tips? Oh, have we ever got ’em. Find out how to make a bun that’ll stay put through even the craziest manège, or check out intricate variations on the classic ballet bun, or get Kathryn Morgan’s tips on easy bun alternatives. Have fun bunning!