Your Heart Will Melt Watching Misty Copeland Teach a 3-Year-Old How to Dance

February 5, 2019

So, we have this recurring dream—and we’re guessing you might, too?—in which ballet goddess Misty Copeland gives us a one-on-one coaching session.

An incredibly lucky 3-year-old named Belle is living that dream IRL. And the video of her impromptu lesson with Misty will make you dissolve into a big ol’ puddle.

Copeland was hanging out with Belle and her mom, Priya Shukla, during the Super Bowl on Sunday. When the yawner of a game got too boring, the American Ballet Theatre principal started showing Belle how to do chaîné turns, and praised the little one’s extension as “so good!”

“Belle took her first ballet lesson last week and became instantly obsessed,” Shukla told POPSUGAR. We’re guessing her private lesson with Copeland only amplified that obsession. Not that we’re jealous! (JK, we’re totally jealous.)

Enjoy alllll the adorableness: