This Gorgeous Music Video Features Three—Yes, Three—Juliet Dohertys

October 11, 2017

What’s better than a beautiful dancer freestyling to a lovely song? A beautiful dancer freestyling to a lovely song in triplicate, that’s what.

The Technicolors tapped two of our favorites, ballerina Juliet Doherty and photographer Kenneth Edwards, to create the video for the acoustic version of their song “Congratulations, You’re A Doll.” To complement the band’s soulful sound, Edwards devised an ingenious single-angle shot featuring three different Juliets—one dancing at the barre, one dancing in center, and one lounging at the singers’ feet with a magazine.

It’s not rocket science, and that’s part of what makes it so appealing. We just get to enjoy Doherty being gorgeous, three times over.

[youtube expand=1]