You Must See Misty Copeland's Latest Feature ASAP

July 12, 2016

Ahh, Misty Copeland. A living ballet legend, a pioneer for African-American women and our forever #WomancrushWednesday. Can you tell we’re huge fans? (Exhibit A, B, C, D.) And this month, Copeland gets to check one more thing off her accomplished list: a feature in Cosmopolitan magazine.

(Photo by Regan Cameron)

First things first, let’s talk about these photos. Captured by Regan Cameron, Copeland is more stunning than ever as she jetés and battements her way around a studio in outfits that are nothing less than ethereal.

(Photo by Regan Cameron)

And the article gets real with Copeland, recounting some of the struggles from her journey to the top. “Not everyone is going to like you or think you’re the right fit,” she explains. “But hearing no makes you stronger.” As for Copeland’s major keys to success? Hard-work, commitment, determination and a solid support system. “On those days when you want to give up, you have to have people in your life who are going to keep you striving.”

(Photo by Regan Cameron)

In other exciting news from the world of Misty Copeland… she’s releasing her own dancewear line! Called Égal Dance (égal is french for “equal”), the line will be super fashionable yet functional for dancers who don’t necessarily have that stick-figure body type. Cue shopping spree!

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