NDT Meets "SYT" in This Heartbreaking Short Film

August 26, 2017

If you’re looking for a distraction from the Sunday Scaries, boy are you in luck. This 4-minute dance film is so gorgeously intense you won’t be able to focus on anything less than #AllOfTheFeels.

Last December, “SYTYCD” champ Eliana Girard and Nederlands Dans Theater’s Alex Anderson returned to Lake Worth, FL for five days to make the film, titled “Selfness,” with their former teacher Isis Masoud.

With haunting, circular music by Sohn, the sun-dappled backdrop of winter in Florida, and understated but emotional choreo created by Anderson, Girard, and Masoud in collaboration, the short is a devastating example of the power of dance to tell stories abstractly but intimately. Don’t believe us? Watch for yourself—it’s EVERYTHING.