There's a New Ballet Movie in the Works

May 12, 2016

You guys, there’s a new animated ballet movie in the works called Ballerina, and while we don’t know a ton about it, we’re calling it now: It’s gonna be great. Why? Let’s review:

  1. The film’s choreography is being overseen by incoming Paris Opéra Ballet artistic director Aurelie Dupont. That’s a can’t-go-wrong level of expertise.
  2. This $30 million project is described as a “Pixar-style musical in 3D.” Sold.
  3. We already know dance and animation are meant to be together.
  4. According to IMDB
    , Maddie Ziegler will be voicing one of the characters.

follows Félicie, a young dancer in 1800s France, who follows her dreams at the Paris Opéra Ballet school. It’s only just been acquired by U.S. production company, The Weinstein Co., and will be released internationally later this year, so we might have to wait for it to hit U.S. theaters. We’ll be keeping our eye out for more info!

A still from Ballerina. (Photo via Variety)


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