This New Nick Young Tap Video Has Us Packing Our Bags for L.A.

May 3, 2018

Is it too much to say that this is tap as you’ve never seen it before? Too late, I already said it!

Tap dancers in the know always pay attention when Nick Young comes out with something new, and it’s so not hard to see why. He’s an incredibly versatile dancer (he casually made it to the Top 20 on Season 8 of “SYTYCD”) who makes work that’s can’t-look-away-for-even-a-second compelling (like, 2nd-runner-up-at-the-A.C.E.-Awards compelling).

Now, alongside his company Rhythmatic, Young’s putting the final touches on a full-length show called “On Top of the World,” set to premiere June 3 in L.A. Yesterday he released a video of the show’s opening solo—and can we just say that we are SHOOKETH. The intensity! The intricacy! The incredible possibilities of tap in the hands of a choreographer this inventive! Okay, we’ll stop fangirling long enough for you to see for yourself.