Nicole Scherzinger's New Music Video Is a Beach Dance Party

June 9, 2014

Hi, Nicole Scherzinger! We’ve missed you. It’s been a little while since the smokin’-hot singer has put out new music, so we’ve been having fun dancing along to her catchy single-of-the-moment, “Your Love.” (And singing along. Dooo do do do do do-do dooooo!)

If this track wasn’t already screaming “song of the summer” to you, it definitely will be after you watch its sunny, beachy video, which just came out today. The best part? There’s a whole group of A-list dancers frolicking in the sand along with Scherzinger. (We see you, Lil Buck and Taja Riley!)

(L to R) Lil Buck, Nicole Scherzinger and Taja Riley get beachy

The result is, unsurprisingly, awesome—or should we say Schamazing? Take a look: