Nigel Lythgoe and Debbie Allen are Launching a Dance Festival

September 18, 2019

When you hear “Nigel Lythgoe” and “Debbie Allen” in the same sentence, there’s got to be some major dance tea brewing. In this case, it’s super-exciting news: The two industry icons are joining forces to launch a new, L.A.–based dance festival that’s basically going to bring dance heaven to earth.

The Los Angeles International Dance Festival will run from April 11–26, 2020, during which time La La Land will be completely taken over by all things dance. From workshops for both professional and amateur dancers, to performances in both traditional and out-of-the-box venues, LAIDF is aiming to get the entire community involved. And so far, the festival lineup is popping off in every direction. There are heavy hitters from the all over the concert dance world, including Ailey II and Tanztheater Wuppertal/Pina Bausch. There are L.A.’s finest commercial and concert groups, including Jacob Jonas The Company, L.A. Dance Project, BODYTRAFFIC, and the Syncopated Ladies. And what Lythgoe-backed event would be complete without some “So You Think You Can Dance” finalists?

We’ll keep you updated as more festival details come out. In the meantime, planning a 2020 spring break trip to L.A. seems like the perfect way to kick off this weekend’s National Dance Day festivities.