Oh Haaay, Taylor Hatala and Larsen Thompson

May 4, 2015

I just can’t with these ridiculously talented kids any more. I mean, I can, and I will, forever. But I can’t.

What brought on my latest these-children-are-so-good-I-have-to-sit-down-for-a-minute attack, which is becoming a pretty much daily occurrence? That’d be this video by choreographer Janelle Ginestra and director Tim Milgram, featuring the hip-hop stylings of power duo Taylor Hatala and Larsen Thompson. Set to Big Sean’s “IDFWU” (don’t worry, Mom—they used the clean version), it’s basically a stank face tutorial let by an 11-year-old (Taylor) and a 15-year-old (Larsen). And it is exactly as amazing as that sounds.




This isn’t the first time Ginestra has custom-tailored choreo for Taylor and Larsen, and hopefully it’s not the last. There’s something about the chemistry of that trio that creates all kinds of dance magic.

Now excuse me while I fashion a bandana headband and practice my stank face in the mirror for two hours.