Oh Hey There, Michael from "SYTYCD" Australia

April 27, 2014

While those of us in the States are busy counting down the days until the eleventh season of the American “So You think You Can Dance” begins (May 28!), “SYTYCD” Australia is already in full swing. And based on this video of contestant Michael Dameski, there are some amazing things happening down in Oz.

You know that old debate about whether dancers are athletes? Michael’s unbelievable dance-for-your-life solo pretty much definitively proves that they are. There’s a right way and a wrong way to incorporate athletic acro into a dance routine, and his performance epitomizes the right way. Yes, his tricks are spectacular, but they’re also musical, clean, and dramatically effective. Forget flips for flips’ sake—these flips say something. (Namely, “Don’t send me home, judges!”)

The tour de force performance earned Michael a huge standing O. Take a look! (Bonus fun fact: Michael played the title role in Billy Elliot on Broadway back in 2009.)

Michael Dameski – Winner