Our Favorite Dance-y Promposals

April 8, 2013

Apparently when I was in high school, teenage boys were total slackers. Elaborate prom proposals? Forget it. I think my senior-year prom date asked me over AOL Instant Messenger (you know—the dinosaur-era version of Gchat).

These days, however, dudes are seriously stepping up when it comes to asking their crushes to prom. And a lot of those grade-A proposals involve a lot of dancing.

Take Joseph Vo, who asked his lady love to prom with the help of a team of friends and a slickly choreographed routine to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” He definitely wins the intensity award. Guy did a backflip in a high school hallway, for goodness’ sake:

Or how about Jonathan Edwards, a musical theater nerd who took advantage of a trip to NYC to organize a swing dance-inflected promposal to his girlfriend, Charlotte, in Central Park? It’s like “Glee” come to life (but the innocent, old-school, Season 1 “Glee,” not the kind of disturbingly scandalous Season 4 “Glee”):

Then there’s the multiplayer version of the promposal. No fewer than five talented guys dance their way into their potential prom dates’ hearts in this clip:

And last but not least, there’s Senn. Senn is my favorite, because Senn created a send-up of some of the more ridiculous prom efforts out there on the internets—and it involves gold booty shorts and, ahem, twerking. (The security guard at the end is the icing on the cake.)

All I can say is: If this is what boys are doing for prom these days, watch out, ladies—you’re all in for some epic engagement proposals in a few years. Happy prom to you all!