These Paris Opéra Ballet Dancers "Fly High" in a New Dance Film

January 9, 2015

I never get tired of seeing beautiful dance films shot in innovative locations. Fortunately, artists everywhere never get tired of making them. Here’s a new video to add to your list of favorites: Haut Vol, directed by Louis de Caunes, featuring Paris Opéra Ballet dancers Leonore Baulac and Alistair Madin. Google translate tells me that the title means “flying high.”

Still from Haut Vol, directed by Louis de Caunes

It’s short and stunning, and kind of like ballet-meets-Inception—which, now that I think of it, should totally be a thing. I especially appreciate how it manages to be visually interesting as a film, while maintaining the integrity of the dancers’ movements. (Isn’t it always THE WORST when a dance film cuts off someone’s line?) Click here to check it out.

P.S. This film also serves as a love letter to Paris, a city going through a very difficult time right now. We’re so happy to see something that reminds us of passion and beauty in the midst fear and uncertainty. Here’s to the celebration of artistic expression.