That Time a Patriots Tight End Took Class with a Miami City Ballet Star

May 17, 2016

Oh, Rob Gronkowski: Bless your big, burly heart.

Why are we talking about Gronk? Well, for starters, he isn’t a complete stranger to dance: The Patriots tight end—who graces the latest cover of GQ—is possibly as well-known for his twerking abilities as for his truly impressive work on the football field. And since the whole football-players-doing-ballet-to-improve-their-agility thing is still very much a thing, GQ decided it might be fun to put together a little cover-adjacent video package in which Gronk gets some pointers from a bona-fide ballerina.

Luckily for us, GQ has excellent taste in ballerinas. They brought in none other than Miami City Ballet principal soloist Nathalia Arja, one of our favorites, to put the Patriots player through his paces. Also luckily for us, Gronk was totally game—though perhaps a tad overconfident in his ballet abilities. Fake it ’til you make it, friend. (And hey, nice ballon!)

The fun might not be over, by the way. Boston Ballet has already challenged Gronkowski to do an encore performance back in Patriots territory—which, we have to admit, seems only fair:

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