Please Enjoy These Really Intense Wedding Dances

October 14, 2013

Yes, yes: You already know we can’t get enough of wedding proposal flash mobs and charming choreographed first dances. They’re so sweet! They’re so endearing! They always make us tear up just a little!

But this collection of 12 “surprise” wedding dances, compiled by DS2DIO, is, um, different. They probably won’t result in tears. They might, however, make your jaw hit the floor.

We’ve got dances inspired by Pulp Fiction. We’ve got dances featuring Chippendales gentlemen and insane overhead lifts. We’ve got dances involving Mortal Kombat characters. We’ve got dances by people under the age of 3. We’ve even got a dance from the wedding of our friends Keone and Mari Madrid. And that’s just the beginning, folks.

Dancers: You crazy. But we applaud you for going way, way above and beyond.