Please Watch tWitch Being Adorable on "Ellen"

November 29, 2012

Oh boy, do I have a great “happy Friday” present for you guys:

After making a bunch of cameos on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”—most memorably as a dance coach for Sophia Grace and Rosie—the delightful and talented tWitch appeared as an official guest earlier this week.

You know how there are some people out there who seem too good to be true? Who are just impossibly nice and awesome, to the point where you feel like it has to be an act, but it becomes apparent that it’s not, and that they’re amazing freaks of nature? And you want to hate them but instead you end up falling head over heels for them because COME ON? Yeah, tWitch is one of those people.*

He reads self-help books! He calls Ellen “Shaky G,” because they’re real-life friends! He describes himself as “extremely domesticated”! He was on his high school dance team! He builds forts with girlfriend Allison Holker‘s daughter Weslie! It’s like all the world’s women got together to create the perfect man, and the result was tWitch.

Anyway, enjoy the clip. Oh, and later on in the show—after Ellen dedicated one of the “dance aisle” seats in the audience to him (of course she did)—he danced. There was Roger Rabbit-ing involved. So we have that for you, too. You’re welcome.

*(So, by the way, is the lovely Cat Deeley. “So You Think” knows how to pick ’em.)