PNB's Dance Movie Version of March Madness Is the Best

March 10, 2016

Not a huge college basketball fan? Yeahhhh…me neither. But I can’t help feeling a little left out come March, when it seems like everyone in the world is busy keeping tabs on some elaborate March Madness bracket.

Enter Pacific Northwest Ballet, the company that’s already proven it knows how to make the dance and sports worlds collide in delightful ways.

Yesterday, PNB launched a dance-friendly take on the bracket bonanza: “Dance Madness,” a cute online survey that lets us nerds vote for our favorite dance movies. In today’s preliminary round, for example, we can make flick picks in the “Golden Age” (think Singin’ in the Rain and Funny Face) and “Millennium” (Step Up, Billy Elliot) categories. New prelim categories will be introduced daily until Tuesday, March 15. At that point the March Madness-style fun will truly begin, with the top contenders bracket-ing it out for the title of Best Dance Movie of All Time.

(Ahem: CENTER STAGE. If Center Stage doesn’t win this thing—well:)

Click here to play!

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