Prepare to Fall in Love with this 3-Year-Old Beyoncé Dancer

October 6, 2013

Oh, precocious little kids. We can never get enough of your adorable antics. Thankfully, neither can Ellen.

Last week on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” we met Heaven, a (just barely) 3-year-old cutie who, it turns out, already has some impressive moves. Her mom, a dance teacher, discovered Heaven’s talent recently, when the little one was able to learn a bunch of pretty serious choreography to Beyoncé’s “End of Time.”

Kids under the age of 4 who can dance? That’s one thing. Kids under the age of 4 who can pick up real choreography? That is quite another.

The segment also gave us this little gem:

Ellen: “Do you think you want to be a dancer when you grow up?”

Heaven: “I am a dancer!”

At the end, Heaven got tickets to see Beyoncé perform and a butterfly costume for Halloween, and the world was showered in rainbows and unicorns. Or maybe only the first two things actually happened, and that last bit was just in my heart.