You Get to Decide the Message of This World Premiere Music Video

February 10, 2018

You may not have heard Rachael Sage’s name before, but you definitely know her music. Sage’s songs have been featured on “Dance Moms” a record 22 times! Breakout star Maddie Ziegler even danced to several of her tunes.

Sage, herself a former dancer (she trained at the School of American Ballet as a teen), very recently collaborated with comp-circuit winner Kaci King on a dance video for her new single “Frost”—a clip we’re very happy to debut today on It’s a heartfelt, lyrical video that’s a perfect marriage of dance and music.

What we might love most is how the choreography’s underlying message is totally up to you, the viewer. As Kaci King says, ” ‘Frost’ is a song that I can relate to. It reminds me of my bullying experiences from the past. This is a song that is full of emotion, and I love it because of how many different ways you can interpret it.”