8 Signs It's Officially Recital Season

May 9, 2018

Probably the only time of year more stressful than Nutcracker season is May, when recitals are in full swing. The rehearsals, the costumes, the pressure—it’s a LOT. But while it can definitely be a struggle, let’s be real: It’s also one of the best parts of being a dancer.

Here are 8 signs that recital season is here.

You’re Having Costume-Induced Panic Attacks

Did all your costumes come in? Do they fit?! OMG, are you missing some sequins??! And don’t even get us started on quick changes.

There’s Glitter EVERYWHERE

No matter how many times you shower, it is practically impossible to get all of the glitter off of your body. You’ll probably still be finding random sparkles on yourself 10 years from now.

Homework, Who?

Sorry—you’re supposed to nail down three group routines, two duets, and one solo while also getting all your homework done? LOLOLOLOL.

Your Body Is One Giant Bruise

You basically feel like you’ve been run over seven times.

Your Blisters Have Blisters

Along those same lines: R.I.P., your feet.

You’ve Suddenly Become Ticketmaster

First, your mom tells you that you’ll need five tickets for your family. A week later, your aunt and uncle are also coming. Then your cousins. Then your cousin’s girlfriend. Then your uncle’s brother’s daughter’s dog. Suddenly, you’re getting…83 tickets??

Your Non-Dance Friends Think You’ve Been Abducted

They just don’t understand that you have zero time to sleep during recital season, let alone hang out and have a social life. Cue the “Sorry, I have rehearsal!” texts.

You’re Ready to Slay

No matter the struggles, the moment the curtain rises, you’re gonna be ON.