Recital Relief

April 24, 2011

Costumes, makeup, stress: Rehearsals for your year-end recital are in full swing, and sometimes it can seem like too much to handle. Don’t fret! Here’s everything you need to know to have a super-successful show.

Fuel Your Bod

Not quite sure what you need to keep yourself going the day of a performance? Follow this food timeline to make sure your muscles (and your mind!) get the nourishment they need to keep kicking through the last 8-count of the night.

 Eat within one hour of waking, combining complex carbs like whole-grain cereals, waffles or toast with protein like yogurt, peanut butter or a glass of low-fat milk.

Lunch: Continue with the carb/protein combo, but add some healthy fats, like nuts or olive oil, to power your muscles and give you lasting energy. A turkey sandwich on whole-grain bread with a side salad or a cup of vegetable soup is an ideal afternoon meal.

Dinner: The amount and type of foods you should eat depend on how many hours you have to digest.

3–4 hours before showtime:
 Choose a larger meal consisting of carbs like rice, pasta or red potatoes with a small portion (about 4 ounces for girls and up to 8 ounces for guys) of protein like baked chicken or grilled fish. Add some cooked veggies tossed with a touch of olive oil as a side dish.


2–3 hours before showtime:
 Eat a small meal, like two or three slices of turkey or chicken with some whole-wheat crackers and a cup of juice. Other suitable options are string cheese with a handful of baby carrots and some crackers, or some cottage cheese with a few slices of pineapple or peaches.

1 hour before showtime: 
This close to curtain, you should only drink liquids, which are digested easily. Make a smoothie with one cup of low-fat yogurt, a banana and some juice.

 You may need a snack or two to get you through the day, but instead of reaching for a candy bar, try these healthy, power-packed options:

• an avocado wedge wrapped in a slice of turkey

• one-half cup of Greek yogurt with a handful of berries

• a hard-boiled egg with a few baby carrots

• a handful of raisins and mixed nuts

*Never try something new (like hot chili sauce) on the day of your performance. Stick with foods you know won’t upset your stomach.

Did You Know?

If you don’t wash your costumes between performances, you run the risk of developing some pretty nasty problems, like urinary tract and yeast infections. Yikes! Hand-wash delicate costumes in a basin filled with warm water and a mild soap, like Forever New, and hang dry. If you have any questions or concerns about costume care, talk to your teacher or wardrobe supervisor.

Stressed out? Loosen your rhinestone choker, close your eyes and visualize a calm, peaceful place. Think about the sights, sounds and smells. Take a deep breath and you’ll feel refreshed and ready to rock.