Robert Battle's Sunday Sounds Pretty Delightful

December 9, 2012

I will never stop wanting to hear about even the littlest, most mundane details of dancers’ lives. I mean, let’s be honest: We all have our stalker-y tendencies. But while my friends get their celebrity dirt from Us and People, I read dance companies’ Facebook pages and scour dancers’ Instagram feeds. They’re my celebrities, and I want to know everything about them.

I love the New York Times‘ “Sunday Routine” column—which walks us through a Sunday in some cool person’s life—because it totally encourages that kind of curiosity-driven obsessing. And when the column features a dance-world hotshot? That’s doubly fun. (Mark Morris’ contribution is still one of my favorite things ever.)

Yesterday, we heard about Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater director Robert Battle’s Sunday. It sounds totally delightful—coffee in a Lotus garden, hanging out with the littlest students at Ailey, eating eggplant parms, watching the Food Network. Take a look. (And New Yorkers—there’s still time to catch AAADT at New York City Center!)