Rockettes Launch Their Very Own YouTube Channel

June 21, 2014

We don’t pass up any opportunity to live vicariously through the fabulous Rockettes. We’ve taken you behind-the-scenes at their auditions, and have even gone backstage at Radio City Music Hall. Yep—we’ll take any chance we can get to obsess over these amazing dancers.

Our favorite leggy ladies have FINALLY started their own YouTube channel to bring us makeup tricks, fitness tips and exclusive footage of their summer intensive. Plus, the Rockettes just had an audition, and there’s a heartwarming video of hopefuls—from all over the world—talking about how being a Rockette is their calling. Gotta love that passion.

So maybe you’re not a Rockette (yet!), and maybe we’ll never be Rockettes (darn height requirements), but at least now we can learn how to look the part.