The Rockettes' Off-Season Fitness Routines

August 29, 2017

Watching the Radio City Rockettes perform a dazzling array of precision dance routines in their annual Christmas Spectacular show is a tradition many New Yorkers use to welcome the winter season. But how do these leggy ladies spend their off-season and what do they do to maintain their pristine technique, strength, and stamina when they’re not on stage? We caught up with the Rockettes a few months before the opening night of the Christmas Spectacular to find out exactly what they do to keep those legendary leg kicks year round.

Variety is the key to these dancers’ cross training routines. Pilates, yoga, and different styles of dance classes are at the top of these performers’ lists for maintaining technique throughout the year. Getting active while enjoying nature is also vital to their fitness regimen and allows them to stay in shape without feeling like they’re working out. Water sports and hikes were the most popular outdoor activities among the Rockettes we spoke to.

Courtesy MSG Entertainment

And when they’re not prepping for performance season these dancers love to live their best life exploring the Big Apple and traveling the world.

Check out our interview with the legendary Rockettes and get ideas on new approaches you can try to keep your cross training regimen fresh and fun.