Fast Facts with Sean Lew

March 22, 2017

No matter the style, 12-year-old Sean Lew attacks every movement with technique and flair. Sean landed his first professional gig dancing on “Glee” at age 8, and has since appeared on “The X Factor” and the Kids’ Choice Awards. Last September, a video of Sean dancing a Miguel Zarate combination to Lady Gaga’s “Applause” went viral, making him an overnight sensation. More recently, Sean has taken his talents to the road, touring the U.S. with The PULSE On Tour as an Elite Protégé.

“If you ever have a dream, no matter your age, don’t let anyone put you down. Never give up until you reach that goal.”

Fast Facts

November 25, 2001

Walnut, CA

Mather Dance Studio

Who would play him in a movie?
“I would audition for the role, of course!”

Favorite food:
“My mom’s cooking.”

Hidden talent:
“A lot of people don’t know I’m also a choreographer.”

His go-to stress reliever:
“Playing basketball with my dad, and hanging out with my family in general, really helps me take my mind off things.”

Favorite dance movie:
Step Up 3D

Dream dance role:
“I’d love to have my own TV show or to perform with any huge artist.”

Photo by Miya Lew