Sergei Polunin Is Brilliant in David LaChapelle's "Take Me to Church" Video

February 9, 2015

Oh man, do we ever miss Sergei Polunin. The baddest of ballet’s bad boys, he’s been on and off the dance radar for the past few years—ever since he caused something of a scandal by leaving his principal position at The Royal Ballet in 2012.

Look, we get it; sometimes you just need a while to sort your stuff out. But we need more of Polunin’s amazing dancing in our lives. Which is why we were so excited to hear that David LaChapelle—the artistic mastermind behind projects like krumping documentary RIZE—had made a new video starring Sergei the Great. And we were even more excited when we heard it was set to Hozier’s powerful “Take Me to Church.”

The result is, unsurprisingly, THE BEST. Polunin is technically brilliant (and shirtless—never a bad thing!); the setting, a light-filled church stripped down to the studs, is breathtaking. It’s a hypnotizing four minutes of dance and film perfection. And to that we say: Amen.

The only thing that could make this better is if Annie Lennox were singing it, amirite?