David LaChapelle and Shirtless Sergei Polunin Reunite for Diesel's Awesome New Campaign

February 20, 2017

Few things make us happier than watching Sergei Polunin, that beautiful bad boy of ballet, dance shirtless.

Actually—what really makes us happy is when brilliant director David LaChapelle has Polunin dance shirtless for his camera:

Which is why we were immediately on board when we heard that Diesel’s new campaign, “Make Love Not Walls,” featured LaChapelle as director and, yes, a shirt-free Polunin as star.

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Feb 14, 2017 at 1:15am PST

But then we actually saw the spot, and WHOA. It is a whole lot more than an ode to Polunin’s fabulous dance body. (Although there’s certainly plenty of that.)

Showing Polunin as the leader of a diverse cast of dancers and models, the campaign is a celebration of inclusiveness—and a not-so-subtle dig at a certain president’s fixation on wall-building. It’s a powerful message, wrapped in some visually arresting packaging.

Watch the whole clip:


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