Set Your DVRs for the Premiere of Starz's "Flesh and Bone"!

March 22, 2017

That’s right, folks—the premiere date for the long-anticipated Starz ballet drama, “Flesh and Bone,” has finally been set. The big day will be…drum roll, please…Sunday, November 8, 2015. OK, so it may be a little early to set your DVRs. Nevertheless, we’re excited to begin the official “Flesh and Bone” countdown: 209 days!

You already know about some of the big names in this stacked cast—like former American Ballet Theatre principal Irina Dvorovenko, former ABT soloist Sascha Radetsky and Ballet Arizona dancer Raychel Diane Weiner. Plus, there’s the star of the show, Sarah Hay of Semperoper Ballet in Dresden, Germany. And that’s just four of the 22 accomplished dancers Starz promises will appear in the series.

What’s more, apparently consultant/choreographer Ethan Stiefel (former ABT principal and Center Stage stud) created a 13-minute ballet for the series—so we have that to look forward to, as well.

Unfortunately, “Flesh and Bone” will only run for eight hour-long episodes, but you can be certain we’ll soak in every gritty, drama-filled moment of it.