Six Around-the-House Places to Improv

July 14, 2019

As dancers, the studio is our home. So if you’ve been feeling a little lost while practicing social distancing in your actual home, know that your fellow artists are all right there with you. One of the most empowering things about dance, however, is that you can bust out your killer moves anytime, anywhere. While we’re all staying safe and eagerly awaiting the day we can return to our happy place, see how many of these out-of-the-box, in-the-house improv spots you can check off your bucket list.

Your Kitchen


Ah, the kitchen. Our favorite place for both culinary and contemporary-improv inspiration. Put on your favorite all-the-feels playlist and see what you can cook up.

Your Backyard


Fresh air makes for beautiful dancing. Take a dancer’s version of a nature walk right in your backyard, front porch, or driveway.

Your Staircase

Try following in the legendary footsteps of Bill “Bojangles” Robinson and choreograph your own stair dance.

Your Closet (No, Seriously)


Here’s a challenge: Try improv-ing in a small space, like an open closet or stairwell, and see how it affects your movement. You may discover something new about your dancing!

Your Bathroom


Nowhere better to keep working on that port de bras than in front of your bathroom mirror.

Your Living Room


Whoever you’re home with, we’d love to see you all gather together and give us the best #LivingRoomDance you’ve got.