Sleepy Ballerinas

December 31, 2015


It’s January 1. We all just want to snuggle up and wait until spring. And I know you all stayed up really late  fell asleep at 8:00pm last night like I did, so you have no reason to be tired. But just in case you are, here’s a roundup of ballerinas who need to stay in bed more than you do.

Aurora from The Sleeping Beauty. Duh. Though, I guess she’s been asleep long enough.

Members of The Australian Ballet in the company’s older version of The Sleeping Beauty (photo by Jim McFarlane)

The ballerinas of Jerome Robbins’ The Concert (Or, The Perils of Everybody). Dance is hard. Sometimes you need a booty to snooze on.

San Francisco Ballet in The Concert (photo by Erik Tomasson)

The Sleepwalker in La Sonnambula. She’s totally creepy but sleep is what gives her that mysterious quality.

Carla Körbes and Robert Fairchild in George Balanchine’s La Sonnambula (photo by Erin Baiano for The New York Times)

Alice, of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Did she dream up Wonderland, or did she really go there? We’ll never know.

Jillian Vanstone and Aleksandar Antonijevic in Christopher Wheeldon’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (photo by Cylia von Tiedemann)

Here’s to a year full of big dreams and good rest!

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