9 Small Dancer Blessings to Be Thankful For

November 4, 2021

We’re pretty good about giving thanks for the big moments, like being cast in a dream role or mastering a new skill. But this Thanksgiving season, let’s celebrate the small moments, too.

When you pull out an extra turn

Nothing beats the jolt of adrenaline you feel when you complete a surprise extra pirouette.

When you are handed a costume that fits perfectly

It’s like a real-life Cinderella moment.

When you learn a combo to your favorite song

It’s like your teacher read your mind, and now you get to jam out in class with your dance besties.

When you get a new pair of shoes

No more toes poking out!

When you unexpectedly see a friend at a class or audition

These surprise reunions remind you how small the dance world is—in the best way.

When you take your seat in a dark theater

The atmosphere of anticipation before a show begins is unmatched. Take the obligatory program + stage pic, sit back, and be grateful for live performances.

When you rip your tights, but you have a spare

High five, Past Self! You really came through this time.

When you break in shoes perfectly

They won’t last forever, so enjoy your shoes when they’ve hit that perfect balance of flexibility and support.

When your teacher gives you “the nod”

All of your efforts are acknowledged in that one small movement.