"So You Think You Can Dance" Recap: Detroit Auditions

May 15, 2013

Greetings from Detroit!

It’s the second night of audition madness on “So You Think You Can Dance,” and things stayed pretty mellow. These were the Top 5 most noteworthy moments from Detroit…

1. Guest judge tWitch!
Remember when he was a contestant on the show? That was the best season ever. Master tWitch has done so much since then—like, you know, fall in love with and propose to fellow “SYTYCD” alum Allison Holker—that I sometimes forget how hard he rocked Season 4, coming in as the runner-up (shoulda won…definitely shoulda won…). Unsurprisingly, charming and charismatic tWitch was a welcome addition to the panel in Detroit. He’s wise like Lil’ C, only I actually understand what he’s saying. Plus, he performed and showed his abs. More tWitch, please! And how about a throwback to his Season 4 audition…

2. Amy Yakima!
I remember seeing Amy compete at New York City Dance Alliance Nationals years ago and thinking she was one to watch. And now, look! We’re watching her—on TV! Girl’s got a cute personality and a totally cute dad, who just about showed her up onstage with a killer toe-touch. It was adorable, and I’m so happy to see lovely young Amy onscreen. (Oh and her dad cried as Amy performed—it doesn’t get much sweeter than that.) Congratulations on your standing ovation, Amy, and we’ll see you during Vegas Week.

3. Morgan “Mo” Williams.
His technique wasn’t perfect and sometimes he didn’t fully straighten his knees or point his toes. But eh…for some reason, I just didn’t care. I loved this guy, who dedicated his contemporary solo to his recently deceased grandmother. He’s going to Vegas, and I hope he stocks up on ballet classes in the meantime because Mo has great potential.

4. Tyrone Cobham, Jr.
Awwww yeah, tapper dude! Tappers are such rare gems in this competition and Tyrone’s skills are top-notch. Let’s just hope he can do other things, because you know they’re throwing Broadway and ballroom at him as soon as he gets to Vegas—which is where he’s headed.

5. Mary Murphy getting a private dance onstage.
No, just kidding. This was terribly awkward and I did not like it. Let’s keep her safely within the confines of tWitch and Nigel. (For the record, I don’t think Mary was uncomfortable with this lap dance situation at all. She seemed just fine, as evidenced by her post-dance “Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!”)

It’s clear from the first two nights of auditions that contemporary is so Seasons 1–8 and now, following in the funky footsteps of Cyrus, breaking (animating? I don’t know) and b-boying are the ways to go.

It’s also clear that the more we see tWitch’s abs, the more likely we are to rewind and re-watch the episode over and over. Just saying, FOX.

Thoughts? Critiques? Favorite abs of the evening? Leave it all in the comments and we’ll see you back here next week!