“So You Think You Can Dance” Recap: L.A. and Austin Auditions

May 21, 2013

Meet Papa Exorcist, Mama Exorcist and Baby Exorcist—they’re headed to Vegas!

Last night on the Season 10 “So You Think You Can Dance” audition tour, we first headed back to L.A. with Nigel, Mary and my personal favorite, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, at the judges’ table. After seeing some just so-so talent in Detroit, I had high hopes for Hollywood—and I wasn’t disappointed!

Then, for the first time ever, we headed to Austin, TX, where actress Minnie Driver joined Nigel and Mary’s hair. (What in the world was on her head?!) Here are my favorite moments from the show:

  • Nicholas “Slick” Stewart’s Flexing.
    I’m not sure it qualifies as dance as much as contortion, but he sure got my attention! My bones and joints hurt just watching him. Plus, his animation wasn’t too shabby, and he definitely gets ten points for the entertainment factor.
  • Alex Kessinger.
    Was it just me or was watching Alex like seeing Season 7 winner Lauren Froderman audition all over again? A cute, spunky blonde with a killer bod and crazy athleticism? As the judges kept saying all night: “She’s so ‘SYTYCD!’ ”
  • Maria and Misha, aka the Latin Lovers.
    Oh man, I love me a hot and spicy Latin routine and these two certainly delivered! I could’ve done without all the goofy faces, but their technique more than made up for the facials. And fun fact: After a quick Google search of Misha, turns out he was already on “SYTYCD” Ukraine. Anyone else think it’s weird they failed to mention this?
  • Makenzie Dustman.
    She gave us the first really great contemporary solo of the season, which is actually quite surprising. (I’m shocked we haven’t seen more contemporary.) She had clean, beautiful technique, decent choreo and real performance quality—I’m a big fan.
  • Baby Animator Anthony.
    OMG. Most adorable 4-year-old I’ve EVER seen. I died of cuteness as soon as he started talking, let alone dancing. Can someone please teach my future child to be this awesome? (And Nigel sending him to Disney World instead of Vegas? Love it.)
  • Dannon O’Brien.
    Get excited, friends. I think we’ve got another Mark Kanemura on our hands! He’s (very) quirky, technical and nerdy cute. Plus, his hobby is doing creepy Halloween makeup. Loved him.
  • The Exorcist Family.
    I’ll be honest, I’m not as moved by the exorcist style as some, but just seeing this family all onstage together was really awesome. While the dance looked too choreographed to have been spontaneous, I’ve got to give them credit for coming prepared. Enjoy the family trip to Vegas!

What did you think? Did you love the same dancers we did? Tell us in the comments below! And be sure to tune in next week when the audition tour heads to Boston.