So You Think You Can Walk…Walk…Walk

August 21, 2013

When a musical’s cast isn’t jam-packed with highly-trained dancers, the show’s choreographer has to get a little…creative. Apparently Mandy Moore, who worked on the (recently closed) off-Broadway musical Nobody Loves You, has been dealing with that dilemma recently—and working a lot on, um, walking.

And thank goodness. Because all that walking inspired one pretty amazing little video.

“So You Think You Can Walk” follows two “actor/movers”—more precisely, Nobody Loves You‘s Lauren Molina, a “galloper,” and Rory O’Malley, a “skipper”—as they attempt to, you know, walk it out. Naturally, it’s a spot-on “So You Think You Can Dance” parody. The “double threats” are great sports; since acting is their bag, they’re also hilarious. And as always, Mandy Moore is just the best. I have no idea how she kept a straight face through the whole thing.

Take a look!