Sofia Wylie's YouTube Dance Series Encourages Dancers to Collaborate and Connect

April 19, 2018

Last week Disney Channel star Sofia Wylie released a behind-the-scenes look at the making of her YouTube dance series. Along with some stellar dancing, the video shows the dance community featured in her “4k Dance Series” and the things they’ve learned from being a part of the dance project. And though the project features dance, we love that it also emphasizes supporting and building up fellow dancers.

“I’ve had so many amazing people help me on this journey,” Sofia says in the video. “Everyone thinks you can do it by yourself, but you can’t. You have to start with yourself but then you have to plant seeds around you that uplift you and help you grow and it can really bring you down if you don’t have others around you to remind you that you’re amazing.”

The dance world can be a competitive place and while it’s easy to focus inward, we love how Sofia’s using dance to encourage connecting and collaborating with fellow dancers. Besides if you’re overly competitive you may miss out on meeting your dance bestie and that’s a friendship you won’t want to miss out on.

Check out some of our favorite dance videos from Sofia’s “4K Dance Series” below and maybe you’ll be inspired to collaborate with dancers in your own community.