July 17, 2008

I auditioned to be in the dance company called “Soulescape.” There were 3 auditions; one in New York, one in LA, & one in Dallas (where Justin Giles, the choreographer, lives.) I was definitely blown away to get a spot in the company! He chose 10 dancers from all the different auditions. The dancers are: Jennifer Osorio, Eldon Johnson, Natalie Reid, Matthew Peacock, Tyne Stecklein, Brandon Bryant, Merissa Gassel, Chantel Aguirre, Cheryl Smith, & me! Justin also bought in Jenna Mitchell to play a specific role in the show, she lives local.

I arrived on the 7th of July & don’t return home until the 28th. The first night we all went to dinner, I got a chance to meet everyone & find out what they were like. Every day except the first Sunday, we’ve rehearsed! We have ballet everyday at 9 a.m & then start rehearsal usually until 11 p.m. One night we went until 4:30 a.m!! It was so funny! I could barely see out of my contacts! The following day we came in at noon! Haha

Now being almost 2 weeks into this, I’ve learned a lot about each of the dancers & like them all. I respect them so much as dancers & people. Everyone here is amazing! Justin Giles is an amazing choreographer & he’s quite the hero! I get hives sometimes, this may freak people out! Haha. But during the beginning of the 2nd week here, I got hives almost all over my body. I figured it would be fine if I went to sleep because they usually don’t last over night. Sure enough, I woke up the next morning & they were even worse! I got up & was getting ready…. then all the sudden I passed out! I was headed face first to the groud! One of my roommates, Chantel, caught me & held me for about 30 seconds before I opened my eyes. Cheryl, my other

roommate went to get Jen. Justin got to the hotel, where we were staying, & he took me to the hospital. We were there for like 2 hours. I got 2 shots! One in each bottom cheek! I slept most of the day & the company got me flowers, a card, & ice cream! It was an eventful day!!

The shows are on the 26th & 27th on July, 2 on each day. They are being held at the Lakewood Theatre in Dallas, Texas. You can purchase tickets on ticketmaster.com if you search Soulescape. The tickets are all $35. I hope a whole lot of people come! The shows will be so beautiful & we’ve been working long, hard hours to put this together! You won’t be disappointed if you come!!