"Stickers for Dancers" Will Up Your Texting Game

October 20, 2016

We all did a little happy dance when Apple added stickers to its Messages app last month. Another way to delight (and, let’s be real, annoy the heck out of) your besties, hooray!

But has scrolling through the App Store sea of kitty and panda stickers made you pine for some specifically dance-y options—and not of the stereotypical pink-tutu-and-tiara variety? Enter “Stickers for Dancers.” Created by a former Dance Magazine editor, it’s a set of 100 dance-themed stickers that are actually relevant to your real life.

A sampling of the “Stickers for Dancers” offerings

You can say “merde” to your dance posse with a sticker that riffs on the poo emoji (get it?). You can ask your dance crush to “meet you at the barre.” You can drop bobby pins and Jet glue bottles and toe pads all over your BFFL’s screen. Or you can completely baffle a non-dance friend by doing the same thing. (Full disclosure: I just sent my mom a lambswool sticker, and she had no idea what it was about, and it was, frankly, pretty great.)

In other words: These are stickers that speak our own weird, wonderful language. Get ’em at the App Store for less than a buck.

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