Sunday Video Break: Christian Louboutin's Super Dance-y Campaign

June 4, 2016

Summer may just be starting, but for the fashion powerhouses like Christian Louboutin (home of the iconic red-soled stilettos), these hot months mean it’s time to start promoting their autumn and winter collections. And while the last thing we want to do is think about the impending cold weather (after all, summer is prime dance season—nationals galore, people!), Louboutin’s latest campaign is not to be missed. Just like a Yanis Marshall heels class, the models in the video are shown stretching in the studio, clad in some of the craziest, prettiest shoes we’ve seen. And fun fact: Blanca Li, choreographer extraordinaire—she’s worked with everyone from Paris Opéra Ballet to Beyoncé—plays their super-fierce teacher. Check out the campaign pictures and full vid below!

(via Christian Louboutin)

Blanca Li showing everyone how it’s done. (via Christian Louboutin)

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