Super Bowl Dance Party Time: #DoTheChickenWing with Kaycee Rice and Cyrus Spencer

February 2, 2016

Last year’s Super Bowl gifted us a fantastically dance-y halftime show that included Kaycee Rice, Gabe de Guzman and Charlize Glass killing it alongside Missy Elliott. (Also Left Shark. NEVER FORGET LEFT SHARK.) And given that this year’s halftime show lineup includes Bruno Mars and, um, Beyoncé, odds are good that we’ll be treated to more top-shelf choreography come Sunday night.

But for those of us who can’t wait that long for our Super Bowl dance fix, there’s #DoTheChickenWing. Which is…well, what is it, exactly?

In short: It’s a wonderfully bizarre little video starring Cyrus Spencer, Gev Manoukian, Amymarie Gaertner and one of last year’s Super Bowl [dance] MVPs, Kaycee Rice, who duke it out over their party’s final chicken wing.

It looks a little something like this.

In long: It’s tied into YouTube’s AdBlitz campaign, which gives us a sneak peek at some of the Super Bowl’s best commercials. #DoTheChickenWing isn’t quite a Super Bowl ad, though—rather, it’s part of YouTube’s “How to Win at Game Day” series, a collection of videos created by YouTube celebrities to hype AdBlitz. (Filmmaker/songwriter Scott Winn is the mastermind behind #DoTheChickenWing.)

In summary: I mean all you really need to know is that KAYCEE SPINS ON GEV’S HEAD.


Happy Super Bowl week, dance fam.

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