7 Dancers Whose Flexibility Is #Goals

March 7, 2019

Pretty much every dancer—even the bendiest!—wants to be more flexible. We’ll be trying to get that perfect tilt ’til the day we die. Looking for a little inspiration as you work out your splits? Here are 7 dancers whose flexibility is the definition of #goals.

Tate McRae

Tate McRae’s legs are longer than our lifespans, and tbh, we’re okay with that.

Audrey Freeman

Every single time Audrey posts a picture on Instagram, our jaws drop. Alexa, play “Successful” by Ariana Grande.

Ryan Steele

It feels like this Broadway favorite can do literally anything. That’s how flawless his flexibility is.

Cameron Voorhees

So young! So flexible! So fabulous! 🙌🙌🙌

Hayden Hopkins

Hayden’s not just crazy flexible—she also has KILLER technique. Simply stunning.

Derek Piquette 

During his run on “So You Think You Can Dance,” Derek Piquette made a name for himself with his insane flexibility—and now you can once again drool over those extensions from the comfort of your couch, since he’s competing on the current season of “World of Dance.

Misty Copeland

Of COURSE we had to include the divine Misty on this list. That’s a no-brainer.