"SYTYCD" Celebrates 10 Years of Awesome

July 16, 2015

It’s been a decade since the first season of “So You Think You Can Dance.”


Let that sink in for a minute.

That’s ten years of ground-breaking choreography. Ten years of incredible, awe-inspiring dancers. [Nine] years of Cat Deeley outfits (we’re not going to talk about Lauren Sanchez, OK?). Ten years of general “SYTYCD” amazingness.

This feels like it happened yesterday, but it’s actually from Season 2. Which was in 2006. WHOA. (Wade Robson’s “Ramalama”; photo Kelsey McNeal/FOX)

All that fabulosity—plus the fact that the show just received no fewer than eight Emmy nominations—calls for a celebration. And on Tuesday, the fine folks over at “SYTYCD” will give us just the kind of party we like best: a super-dancey one.

Actually, the party will really kick off Monday night, with the regularly-scheduled Season 12 elimination episode. (Fun fact: That particular ep is airing ten years to the day after the “SYTYCD” series premiere, which took place July 20, 2005.) But on Tuesday, a slew of your favorite “SYTYCD” dancers and choreographers will reunite for a one-time-only anniversary special, featuring performances of some of the show’s all-time great routines.

Mr. Nigel Lythgoe himself unveiled the list of dancers who’ll appear in the special’s opening number. Unsurprisingly, it’s epic:

Travis Wall
, Season 2

Allison Holker
, Season 2

Hok Konishi
, Season 3

Jaimie Goodwin
, Season 3

Stephen “tWitch” Boss
, Season 4

Mark Kanemura
, Season 4

Comfort Fedoke
, Season 4

Brandon Bryant
, Season 5

Kathryn McCormick
, Season 6

Alex Wong
(!), Season 7

Robert Roldan
, Season 7

Marko Germar
, Season 8

Jenna Johnson
, Season 10

Jasmine Harper
, Season 10

But no official word yet on which past routines will be revisited. Let’s see: We’ve got Hok and Jaimie, so maybe Wade Robson’s “Chairman’s Waltz”? Robert and Allison could reunite for Travis’ gorgeous “Fix You,” too. And perhaps most critically: Alex and tWtich will be there. Which means there is a more-than-decent chance we’ll get to see a redux of NappyTabs’ “Get Outta Your Mind.” YAAAASSSS.


Tune in to FOX on Tuesday at 8 pm EST (9 pm PST) for all the awesome!