“SYTYCD: The Next Generation” Season 13 Recap: Chicago Auditions

June 6, 2016

Welcome to the second stop on the “So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation” audition tour. This week, we’re in Chicago, hoping to find the dancers who will go on to compete for the title of “America’s Favorite Dancer,” a $250,000 prize, plus their very own DS cover.

The talent this week ranged from oh-so-cute (OMG 8-year-old Ainslee!) to oh-my-god (Diana, you’re a rockstar). These were our five favorite moments from last night’s episode. (Two words: girl power.)

(Photo by Chuck Hodes/FOX)

1. Diana

It’s hard to believe this powerhouse performer is only 10 years old. (Was anyone else reminded of a young Ida Saki?) Diana came equipped with ridiculous extension, total control and stellar technique. We have no doubt she’s going far, both in this competition and in life. (PS, was anyone else holding their breath during Diana’s final developpé? Was it just us or did she hold her leg up there for a full eight minutes?) Reminder: She’s only 10.

2. Daniela

Talk about a ballroom babe! “Your presence is larger than life,” Paula told 11-year-old Daniela, and she was spot-on. This lady-in-red was so entertaining, and we couldn’t take our eyes off her. (Those facials!) Fun fact: Daniela’s mom was the first Cuban to ever win a world ballroom championship. Talk about good genes.

(Photo by Chuck Hodes/FOX)

3. Tahani

The 12-year-old hip-hopper—who opened by reminding us that “facials are very important in hip hop”—quickly proved that she’s more than a cute head of curly hair and a hot pink bow. That Beyoncé music came on, and Tahani got down. We loved that she wasn’t all tricks. Sure, there was a roundoff-back-handspring and a few rogue fouettes, but Tahani showed that she can dance. (Beyoncé Backups: The Next Generation, perhaps?) Oh, and then Tahani hugged Paula “too tight” and threw up. Literally.

4. Emma

The tapper with the fast feet and awesome abs danced to Paula Abdul’s “Cold-Hearted Snake.” Brilliant. (She also noted that, “Paula’s music is older than me!”) It’s no surprise Emma’s a master of fancy footwork: Her side hustle is playing on the soccer field! Her sounds were clear and her smile just about spread from stage left to right. Straight to The Academy for Emma!

5. Tia

Talk about pressure for this one: Not only are these dancers performing for cameras, a panel of judges and a full audience, but Nigel also pointed out to 12-year-old ballet dancer Tia that Joffrey Ballet’s Fabrice Calmels happened to be in the audience for her audition. NBD, Tia! She handled it like a pro, though, and as soon as her music started, bam, she was in it to win it. (As Fabrice casually replaced Nigel on the panel. Again, NBD.) Those across-the-floor pirouettes at the end of her variation were no joke, but she survived them, and Fabrice called her brilliant and complimented her smile. (Actual big deal.)

(Photo Chuck Hodes/FOX)


That’s all for this week! Next week we head to NYC. (If you missed last week’s recap, check it out here.)

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