6 "SYTYCD" Couples We Stan So Hard

May 9, 2019

There’s nothing like a showmance—and “So You Think You Can Dance” has turned out to be an especially good breeding ground for love. (Which isn’t all that surprising, given how gorgeous and talented its competitors inevitably are.) Here are 6 “SYTYCD” couples we’ll stan forever.

Taylor Sieve and Lex Ishimoto

Love was DEFINITELY in the air during Season 14. First, winner Lex Ishimoto and third-placer Taylor Sieve fell for each other (OK fine, they officially fell for each other before the show began, but still!)…

Kiki Nyemchek and Koine Iwasaki

…and then the season’s other two Top 4 contestants—Koine Iwasaki and Kiki Nyemcheck—also fell in love! It was like something out of a romance novel.

Sydney Tormey and Logan Hernandez

We’re still going! A third couple came out of Season 14: oh-so-cute pair Sydney Tormey and Logan Hernandez.

Allison Holker and Stephen “tWitch” Boss

The OG “SYT” love story! Allison and tWitch are one of our favorite couples of all time—even beyond the show. We’ve had a blast watching their relationship (and their family!) grow over the years.

Ashleigh and Ryan Di Lello

How gorgeous are Ashleigh and Ryan Di Lello? The ballroom dancers both competed on Season 6, and have since gotten married and started a family together.

Lauren Froderman and Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer

So much talent in one season-spanning (she won Season 7, he was a runner-up on Season 9) couple! Love their love.